>The Insomniac burned me a copy of a British documentary called The Trouble with My Vagina on my last day of work, which I described earlier this month. A better going away present could not be given, although she was also kind enough to give me a stylish backpack with a laptop compartment as well. I departed the next day to visit my family in Chicago, and believe it or not, I completely forget to what I anticipated as a compelling documentary. Ridiculous, I know, but then again, I was traumatized by Cookie Puss, so I will use my subsequent night sweats as my excuse.

Fortunately, the voice behind Fearful Symmetries is not a senile idiot like me who forgot to watch a documentary that he had been giddy over. (I am extrapolating here.) In fact, the documentary was so good that it inspired a three-part post to deal with all the issues it raised. Very exciting stuff, with pictures (so you may not want to click over to this while you are at work, unless you have a very understanding employer or are passively-aggressively trying to get fired, as I unsuccessfully tried at one point.)

One day, I will remember to watch The Trouble with My Vagina. If you live in New York City, you are welcome to join me. We will cover our eyes and scream as wax is applied to perfectly good cootch and normal labia are chopped up by greedy plastic surgeons. Even Cookie Puss is not this scary.