>Sure, I owe many things to Blogger. I would not have met many of you fine people without my Blogger blog. But as every silver lining has a dark cloud (or every unshaved snatch has a nasty critic), lately Blogger has made my life miserable by refusing to post my genius output (cough cough) in a timely fashion. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved, but please be patient if you don't see my usual 1-3 posts per day.

As an aside, Melissa at Sugared Harpy told me that she threw in the towel with Blogger some time ago and switched to wordpress. She assured me that it was easy and that she is not a techie, although also noted that she has to post through FTP. I don't entirely know what that means, but if it fucking works consistently, I'll learn how to do it too. If I do make the switch, CUSS will still be found at www.cussandotherrants.com, since I already use a remote host. Hopefully, it will be a smooth transition (if it happens), as Big O already said he will yell at me if he does not have access to CUSS for a day. (Isn't that sweet? Seriously, I am touched.)

If you recently set up a blog using Blogger based on my advice and want to kill me, I understand. If you ever switched from Blogger to WordPress or already use WordPress, I'd love to hear more.