>Axe Snake Peel (yes, I know you see what is coming next; I wish I had) is through a semi-clever website, Order of the Serpentine, a secret society that men can join to remove the “shame caused by questionable hook-ups.” This seems to be defined as any hook-up with a woman who is not physically perfect as defined by current western model standards. Because god forbid that guys should never be grateful that any woman would be goodly enough to want to sleep with them. Nope. They should be embarrassed that they gave in to regular women’s beastly urges. My guess is that most of the guys who use this soap are no prizes themselves. I hope that they are generous enough to share some snake peel with the women who are probably regretting (or should) hooking up with them.

I do love the spoof of the Masons and Shriners, though. Gotta give props for that. Why is it that so much creative energy is wasted on bullshit? Sigh.