>Man, oh man. I haven't laughed this hard at a political scandal since, well, never. According to the Associated Press, "Hastert sought to blame Democrats for leaking sexually explicit computer instant messages between Foley and former pages from 2003."

Right. See it is OK to write sexually explicit messages to youth, but not share them with the media while the Republican party is trying to hide them. That's just unethical! I also love how Newt Gingrich claimed (according to my co-worker) that the only reason that the party didn't do anything about Foley (which, incidentally, is a type of catheter - is there not some weird irony in that?) is because they did not want to alienate gay people. Again, because gay people are never bothered when you compare homosexuality to bestiality and incest or try to Constitutionally ban them from enjoying the same legal rights as straight married couples. But when you crack down on child molesters, forget it! Not that that statement in and of itself is not completely offensive....

I do love how the public is completely not bothered at all by the fact that Bush lied about the war in Iraq and continues to do so on a daily basis, which leads to lots of people dying, but dear God, you throw around some sex talk, and you are going down, Mr. Politician. (Maybe not literally.)