>Let's say that you were me and that you were lucky enough to have an article appear in a local newspaper. The editor asks you to send her a full color picture of yourself. Which would you choose?

A) Here I look respectable and have a very nice smile. My eyes appear even. I have nothing stuck in my teeth. This is good. However, I look a bit on the chubby side, which is OK, but I'm not sure that I want New York commuters thinking I weigh 10 lbs more than I do. (I know, very vain.)

B)Here I look young, but extremely cute and not chubby. My teeth look great. On the other hand, I look really fucking young and my eyes are a bit on the Deliverance side of unmatching. I don't want people thinking that I am a youthful idiot, which might drive away other opportunities.

I suspect the answer is A, as the consequences of people believing that I am chubsters are stupid and non-existant, whereas the consequences of being thought of as a dreamy eyed youth are far more serious. Still, I'm open to your thoughts. I want to send this in today, so please vote early and vote often. Thanks!