>My fancy gym has a luxury shop which shows its overpriced wares in the window so that non-members might be lured in to purchase $60 sports bras and the like. One of those $60 sports bras is strapped on to a mannequin on a platform in the window. As I walked by, I nearly ducked to avoid getting my eye poked out by the mannequin’s super pointy nipples that jutted through the sports bra.

Damn, those suckers are impressive. Very few women can perk up to that standard, and even if we could, I’m not sure why we’d want people staring at our nippies while we work out. Isn’t the point of sports bras to smash boobs down so that they don’t bounce around during activities, both to avoid the pain of tits taking their own jog and of lechers staring at you?

On the other hand, I do feel like that mannequin demonstrates a truth in advertising that we don’t often see. Now I know that if I want to keep my chest business to myself, I should avoid that particular sports bra. Good information to have!