>Whistling: Footloose and fancy free.. Damn, the Muppets are awesome!

Anyway, today was my last day in my current do-gooder job. I only hope that my next do-gooder job, whatever that might be, will have as powerfully flushing toilets as this places does. Right now, that is going to be home, which is definitely a quality toilet, although it is hissing non-stop and I need to have the super come look at it.

Mostly I am feeling more optimistic about my immediate future than I did a few days ago. My plan is to set up a consulting service on child care facilities and financing, which may or may not bring in some dough. At the same time, I received a very nice lead on a potential publisher for my proposed book on weird things to see and do in NYC, and am sending out the proposal with renwed vigor. Plus, there are at least five potential articles for magazines floating around in my little head.

All this should keep me busy, and hopefully get me out of the house a bit. Fortunately, Husband's health insurance covers me (and actually only covers me because I have no other insurance options; when I worked full-time, this was a serious bone of contention with me because I could not be on his plan although it was far better than mine, clearly discriminating against working spouses) and his salary also allows me to continue eating from first-hand sources instead of the trash in the event that this grand experiment fails. I am extremely lucky. Now I only need to worry about finding good bathrooms to do my business while I go about my business.