>In my old building on West 76th Street, a dominatrix to plied her trade out of her 7th floor apartment. Limos waited in front of the building nightly while their monied clients received a spanking upstairs. Rumor has it that her home/dominatrix lair was painted black and gold, and that she had a wheel on which she strapped her clients for naughty adventures. When she was stabbed to death in 1997, investigators found Marv Albert’s name in her black book of clients and hauled him in for questioning. The murder remains unsolved, and the apartment repainted and rented under rent stabilization, making it a potentially good deal.

(What is the deal with sex being linked to murder on the Upper West Side? In 2 out of 3 of my examples, sex ends in death. Not to make light of it or anything, but that's fucked up. Har dee har har.)