>Practically every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and today is no exception. I learned three important things this afternoon while attempting to clean the refrigerator, which is something that Husband has been nagging me to do since I stopped working full time:

1. There are more removable parts from a refrigerator than would seem possible, and they all need to be wiped down.

2. Do not cook lunch in the microwave right before you begin cleaning the fridge because it will sit there for a very long time before you eat it because you discovered that you need to pull out about 45,000 shelves and trays to clean them individually, and it takes forever.

3. Dust busters can clean crumbs very effectively. (If for some odd reason, you are on a game show or reality show, and they allow you to bring only one household apparatus that cleans, bring a dust buster. Mark my words, you will win the game and the $1,000,000 prize or whatever they are giving away.)

4. DO NOT START FROM THE BOTTOM AND WORK YOUR WAY UP. You’d think this would be obvious, and I apologize if you already know this. But just in case you are as clueless about refrigerator cleaning and also lacking in logic as I am, I think it is worth mentioning that as you clean higher shelves, crap sometimes falls down onto the sparkling clean surface below, forcing you to clean it again.

Here you may be wondering why on earth I did not know these things until this afternoon. The answer is because I was a spoiled child. Not materialistically spoiled, but my parents never made me do any house cleaning, which was very nice of them. At any rate, I am very pleased with the results of my sweat-formulating scrubbing and dust busting. You can practically eat right out of the fridge, it’s so clean…