>My friend the Big O sent me the following message:

In vagina related news, I have a Jdate on Friday night with a girl who has nipple piercings, a hood piercing, and 2 labia piercings. Yes, this somehow came up in an online conversation. There might be an interesting relationship between vaginal piercings and muff fullness. Perhaps worthy of discussing on your blog?

Interesting. I’ve never really thought about it, although I suspect that the relationship between snatch pierces and a pubic ‘fro are inversely proportional. That is, the more piercings one has, the less likely she is to have big bush. Otherwise, how would one see the rings and studs? Plus, it seems like hairs could get caught and create some big problems.

My only evidence comes from the awesome snatchtoo picture from a Taschen book on tattoos:Seriously, I think it is well worth a shaved snatch if you are going to deliver a clever message like, “No meat on Fridays.” That just cracks me up, although I have to say things look a bit itchy down there as the hair grows back.

Back to piercings, if anyone has more knowledge of this than me (which is obviously zilch), please speak up.