>Back in August, my friend Des had her blog reviewed by the critical folks at Ask and Ye Shall Receive, which sounds very subservient until you realize that the URL is “iwillfuckingtearyouapart.” As such a URL indicates, these people make me look like Snow White happily caring for six sloppy, mining dwarves. Of course, I requested a review.

My wish was granted on Oct. 8 by Atomic Fireballs. On the upside, I received a total of two stars (yay!), as Mr./Ms. Fireballs “genuinely enjoy[ed] some posts that I read through in terms of content, spelling and grammar” (star ein) and for “liking to complain so much, and for the Shawshank love” (star tzwei). On the downside, Fireballs threw me not one, but two flaming fingers “because I fucking LOATHE the pink template and I'm not keen on the title.” I also was deemed a ‘tard because Fireballs notes, “I hate when bloggers can't give the people in their lives names. His name isn't husband, he has a real name. Like I suggested, make up a name for him or call him by his middle name.”

I’ll take the stars gladly, as well as one of the flaming fingers. (The bright pink background is a bit harsh on the eyes, no arguments there.) I don’t give a rat’s ass if the title displeases Fireballs. I’m on a mission, damn it! I also will proudly ride the short bus for giving people in my life titles and not names. If I had to remember a fake name for everyone, I probably wouldn’t, and thus write confusing posts in which sometimes Husband is known as “Stu” and other times “Maurice” because I’d forget what I already called him. Plus I don’t have to re-explain every time I write who “Stu” or “Maurice” is for any new readers; Husband is obvious. So too fucking bad.

Anyway, I am glad that I asked and received. I will say that I find it a tad ironic that when they let me know that the review was done, they posted a broken link in my comments on Oct. 8. For people who are so strict about blog templates, grammar, and spelling, one would think they’d be sure to be perfect when it comes to linking to their own site. (Not that we all aren’t guilty of broken links, but I’m just saying.) They also kindly offer help with designing a template, which is extremely generous of them. (Des took them up on it and has a very cool template as a result.) Read the review (and comment) for yourself at Ask and Ye Shall Receive.