>I hate unseasonal weather, like, for example, when it is 80 degrees on Oct. 9. It just throws me off a bit. That said, I actually appreciated the warmth this afternoon when I stepped outside of the airport, only to see the (nearly empty) bus cruise by me. Anyone who has attempted to take the M60 from LaGuardia Airport knows that this means two things: a 20-30 minute wait for the next bus, and a crowded next bus at that. Thus, I was glad that it was so pleasant today.

The flight arrived early, so that was good, but I missed the bus because it took forever for the checked bags to arrive. I never check bags for this reason. However, as we are no longer allowed to bring liquids on the plane, I was forced to take a hideous tan-and-cream fuzzy blanket that Bubbe insisted on purchasing for me eons ago that I unwisely forgot that I hid under my bed, only to be found out when she decided to give me her old bed and thus furniture was moved. I explained that I couldn’t take it back with me in the past because I had too much stuff, but I’m not sure she ever really bought that excuse. At any rate, it worked out perfectly (other than the timing) because the blanket comes in a handy carrying case. I stuffed the Dark Cherry Jam that I bought at the Iowa state fair and the Cranberry & Plum Wine that I bought in Iowa’s Amish country (you know how Iowa is known for its vineyards – ha ha ha!) when I visited my sister in August into the blanket, which protected the potentially messy contents in the cargo hold. Also, it meant that I did not have to check anything valuable, as I carried on my small overnight bag.

My flight to New York was also crowded, but otherwise not bad. Unlike my trip west, I did not get an upgrade, but that was fine by me. (Who needs food and breathing room when you can get a mere glass of water and spend some time crammed in with your fellow masses yearning to breathe freedom?)

Anyway, it is good to be home, and I am looking forward to seeing Husband, although I already miss my foul-mouthed granny, my mom (who I decided might be defying some sort of weird time-space continuum and thus we are actually twins, with her being born 29 years ahead of me and then implanted with her own sister which she believed was her daughter), my dad, nutty bubbe, and of course, sister. I wish we lived a wee bit closer. (But not that too much.)