>My last day at my job is Thursday. While it is beyond time to leave after almost five years of bullshit, I am not eagerly anticipating my departure. Partly my nervousness is due to my strange co-dependent relationship with my work, and partly because I have nothing else really lined up. Sure, I’ll have more time to write, but it’s not like there are publishers lining up with numbers at the Reisman Deli Counter of Words. Also, I’ll miss being a do-gooder, particularly now, when there are a lot of interesting things happening in my field in the City.

My other big concern is that I am going to wind up as a housewife. Now, don’t get your knickers in a knot, there is nothing wrong with women and men who aspire to be full-time homemakers. I just happen to not want to do that. Housework has long been my enemy, and if I am home and Husband is earning the dough to support us, then it is only fair that I take on most of the chores. I know this and dread it, and Husband did not make me feel any better about it when he made a comment about it over breakfast on Sunday.

While I was working, Husband already earned at least three times more than me, but I was OK knowing that I contributed something to the household. In addition, I supplied more than three times the amount of positive karma to our household through my work attempting to make the world a better place for low income kids. Now, I’m just contributing a big, fat zero. Scratch that – since I spend money, but don’t earn any (my jokes don’t count as income) myself, I actually am a negative asset.

Bah. It’s going to be interesting times.