>In an effort to dilute my nervousness about game 6 of the National League Conference Series, I decided that I should watch it surrounded by other people in a bar. Thus I set out for a place near Dr. H’s apartment, so that she could join me for game watching and then get home quickly so that she could sleep and be a chipper, refreshed person in the morning, ready to cure all sorts of female medical ailments.

Upon arrival at the bar with another friend, I decided to purchase beverages that might slake our thirst. My friend wanted a seltzer with lime, and I knew that the Elixir of Life (aka Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi) would be a perfect way for me to drown my worries. I sauntered up to the bar, and casually ordered. The bartender and I joked about how I was hitting the juice hard tonight, and he might have to cut me off if I wanted more.

Later, Dr. H approached the bar and coolly asked “what’s on tap?,” a question she has always wanted to ask. (Yes, we really live it up!) As soon as she heard cider was one of the options, she chose it. The bartender said that he didn’t want to offend her, but he would need to see some ID. She proudly whipped it out and said she was flattered to oblige. When she relayed the story to us, I bemoaned how my youthful looks had disappeared, and bitterly noted that the bartender sure as hell didn’t ask me for ID when I ordered not one, but two drinks.

“Um, Suzanne? You ordered a seltzer and Diet Coke. There was no reason to ID you!” our practical (and also young-looking) companion reminded me.