>My usual modus operandi is, “No good deed goes unpunished,” which I learned from a mentor when I interned in Illinois state government over summer break in college and usually is perfect for any situation. Thus when I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday (which Husband had been pestering me to do since this summer), while he gallivants around Europe, eating at four star Michelin restaurants with clients and kicking it back in luxury hotels after his meetings, I expected a reward along the lines of the Mets playing like shit and fucking up game 5 of the play-offs. I was not disappointed. (They better get their asses in gear tonight and win, or the whole thing is over and I will be one pissed off bitch. On the other hand, I can console myself by watching CSI on Thursday, which I missed due to baseball for the past two weeks and forgot to record.)

However, I was extremely surprised (and delighted and excited and overjoyed and psyched…) when I received an email yesterday afternoon from a local commuter newspaper editor letting me know that they would like to run an article I submitted to them two weeks ago. The article was about why I didn’t change my name when I got married, and I’ll post a link to their website when it appears. I just signed the contract today (my first paid freelance gig outside of the always wonderful BlogHer), and I also needed to send in a full color picture of me, which inspired my panicky survey. (Thanks for everyone’s feedback!)

Ultimately, I went with the cute youthful picture because I was insanely flattered by Happy and Blue 2’s suggestion that commuters would fantasize about little old me on the subway. This makes me laugh and laugh. Although when I bring it to the scenario’s logical conclusion of subway masturbators, it is not very funny at all. Just creepy.

At any rate, assuming that I will need pictures for future writings (and hopefully not because I continue to do a ton of household cleaning), I will eventually get some sort of professional head shot. (Not the kind that involves subway masturbators, either.) So exciting!!!