>Bluestockings Bookstore, a radical bookstore on the Lower East Side that for the life of me I do not know why I have not been to before tonight, hosted a reading of Bitchfest. Bitchfest is comprised of some of the delightful articles that have appeared in Bitch Magazine. Rebecca and I thought this would be a good event at which to spend our evening, and so we headed downtown.

The tiny store was filled with feminists of all shapes, sizes, and genders, which was nice, although ethnic diversity was severely lacking. The reading entertained and provoked thought sufficiently, although I did not agree with everything they said. (Another reason why I love Bitch - it challenges!) The best line of the evening – and probably my week – was when one of the editors said that, “We should start calling anti-choice advocates what they really are – the forced childbirth movement!”

Cackle, cackle. Brilliant!