>I read a headline today on msn.com that administration officials are ballistic over a mini series that ABC made about . It seems that the movie blames them for the terrorist attack.

Wait. Let me think for a minute (or more - the gears are rusty). I seem to recall that after stealing an election, a certain was coronated as president in January 2001. In August 2001, "W" was on his umpteenth vacation when an urgent memo was presented to him noting that was determined to strike against the US. This "fearless leader" (I do picture a bumbling Boris Badanov here) went back to pitching hay or chasing tumbleweeds or whatever the fuck he does on his ranch in Texas that is more important than following up on an immediate threat to the nation. Within a month, oddly enough, there was a terrorist attack.

OK, now how the fuck is this the fault of the Clinton administration? What really scares me is the number of automaton followers of O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and their brainwashing ilk and will believe this bullshit. What the fuck is ABC thinking? Thank god I don't watch anything on that channel anyway, because I am boycotting it.