>Since I aim to please, I will honor Dianne’s request for the raw dick story. I wrote about it back in November, but here it is again. I gave my ex-roommate a new fake name and I edited it a bit more, just shake things up a bit. Enjoy.

Once my roommate in college, Kay, shocked me and my other roommate Dianne by insisting that she would never have sex. Generally, this was a very progressive and intelligent person, so I asked what the reasoning behind this was. She said didn’t believe in birth control, and pointed out that the Pill pulls a serious number on a woman’s body by messing with her hormone levels and menstrual cycles. I thought that was a fair enough point, but also noted that there are forms of birth control that don’t involve altering a woman’s body, such as condoms. Kay could not have been more horrified by this suggestion. No, she told us very matter-of-factly, her older sister told her that it is not worth it to have sex if you use condoms because you can’t feel a thing.

Both having had sex using condoms, Dianne and I said that that was not true and that many people enjoy sex even more with condoms because some of the worry factor was removed. And while dick socks clearly reduce some sensation, it’s not like numb rubbing someone. Otherwise, why would anyone bother? Yet hundreds of thousands of condoms are used successfully and discarded every year. This threw my roommate into a rage. “RAW DICK!!!” she bellowed. “I ONLY WANT RAW DICK.”

Somehow, Dianne and I did not fall down laughing until much, much later when recapping this insane conversation for other friends. Subsequently, I find it hard to look at certain uncooked vegetables and not think about raw dick.