>Since I must be off the Pill so that I can take my menopause test on Nov. 2, Husband and I recently found ourselves faced with the task of buying condoms for the first time in years. When we approached the pharmacy counter, we stared with our mouths agape at the range of products now available that did not seem to exist the last time condoms were required in our household. (OK, at least I did. Maybe not Husband. I was not looking at him because I was blinded by the display of colorful boxes and dazzling packages with big, fun lettering, as if condoms were being marketed to four year olds.) Anyway, things have changed a lot. It’s not just deciding between “ribbed for her pleasure” versus “extra sensitive” (a.k.a. “ultra-thin”) any more. Now consumers need consider “twisted pleasure,” “extended pleasure,” “mutual pleasure,” and “warm sensations” as well. We felt like clueless, nervous 19 year olds again.

Guess what we wound up buying? That's right - Elexa. I've been educated well. Not that I fully remember the last condoms we used, but these seemed to work out rather nicely. Other than my rant about the free t-shirts given out at BlogHer, I fully repent for my angry blatherings about this product. (Like I would if I observed Yom Kipur, which is around the corner, I am asking for atonement.)