>Sister relayed an amusing anecdote when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. She works at a school, and the custodian approached her during the day to ask her if any of the parents she works with had lost money, as he had found $30. (You know that this did not take place in NYC because the custodian did not try and pocket his found treasure. Which I would totally do if I randomly found money in a hallway, unless I knew whose it was, and this honest dude had no idea.) She did not think so, but a few hours later, a parent called in a panic and asked Sister if anyone had found $30. Sister assured her that it was there, and the parent could get it from her when she arrived to pick her kid up at the end of the day.

Later, when the parent arrived, Sister handed over the wad of cash. The woman thanked her profusely and then unfortunately explained how she lost it in the first place. “I put it in my bra. My husband told me not to put it in my bra, but I did anyway. It must have gotten loose and fallen out,” she explained while she pulled her shirt away from her chest and again stuffed the money in her bra as Sister’s jaw dropped to the ground. “Thanks for finding it, though.”

Not only was a lesson clearly not learned (and I hope that the custodian does keep it next time), but Sister was grossed out that she handled titty money. Could be worse, though, I advised. She could’ve kept it in her thong or g-string. Now those would be some funky bills.

Of course, this makes me wonder about the cash stuffed in the g-strings of strippers and reminds why money is dirty and you should not put it in your mouth and definitely wash your hands after handling things that have been put in places you don’t want to know about.