>For the first time since I lost 40 pounds seven years ago, I am contemplating buying a gut sucker. You might know this rumored miracle product by its more conventional name, girdle, or more pleasantly euphemistically, “body slimmer.” Too much fried goodness and other treats this summer and too little exercise (or early menopause, depending on what my tests indicate, although certainly the former causes are indictable) resulted in my midsection swelling up like a beached whale.

As a FoFaW*, I’m often overly sensitive to any fluctuation in my weight, but this actually this growth in girth is measurable. Some of my pants and blouses are too tight to button, depending on where they fall on my abdomen. Most of my dresses look like I put them on over an inner tube.

Maybe I can just tell people I’m prepared in the event of a flash flood. Or I can go out and buy a gut sucker.

*Count Mockula reminded me in the comments that I forgot to spell this out: Formerly Fat Woman. This is what happens when Husband is rushing me. Not that he was wrong, as we did need to leave for our road trip to see Elli, her hubby, and super cute kids, but still.