>Insomnia struck again. (Cause: job distress. At least I slept well last night.) I wandered out of the bedroom without any visiual aids (i.e. - contacts or glasses), thinking petting Tycho, the 13 lb. household pet rabbit, might soothe my anxieties. It worked until Tycho hopped away, leaving me anxious and alone.

Knowing that reading the paper would not help, I did so any way, and found this priceless tidbit in Friday's NY Times:

Catholics for a Free Choice has also filed complaints alleging prohibited political activity against Priests for Life, a religious order on Staten Island, and Catholic Answers, a lay Catholic evangelical group.

Jerry Horn, media director of Priests for Life, declined to comment "because this is a common tactic of Catholics for a Free Choice to try to intimidate people into not exercising their rights under the federal law."

There is nothing like a group of people who stand outside clinics, block entry ways, and harrass and intimidate women trying to exercise their right under the federal law accusing another group of using the IRS to intimidate them. Do you think he is totally clueless or phrased his objection so perfectly on purpose so that I would laugh and laugh.

Man, if this is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.