>I just read that Florida’s “shoot first” law (allows people to shoot a trespasser before determining if the individual you are shooting is in anyway, shape, or form a threat; if not, you still face no criminal penalties) is also known as “shoot the Avon lady.” “Shoot first” laws are vile in and of themselves. Still, it is even more sickening to think of all these people out there who hate a woman inconveniencing them by ringing their doorbell so much that they think she deserves to die enough to jokingly name their right to kill innocent people after her.

I mean, “shoot the Mormon or Jehovie proselytizer”- sure. That’s understandable. Those people are fucking with your soul, man! But the Avon lady? Damn, that’s cold. She’s just trying to help your wife look good for you. Isn’t that what women are supposed to do?

(The sad thing is that I am sure that there are people out there who wholeheartedly agree with both those statements. Sigh.)