>I almost forgot that Sept. 1 is Bloggers Day! (I knew there was a reason that I wished everyone a happy Sept. 1 in my previous post!) I learned about this from Silly Humans.

There are so many damn reasons to impeach Bush that it is almost impossible to list without writing a novel. A few days ago, I wrote that he would be a perfect candidate for Last Comic Standing once he was impeached. The nation could really use a good laugh these days, and quite frankly, Bush is hilarious. However, he is not hilarious when he is in office and in charge of this nation's policies. Then he is so inept and stupid it is terrifiying. Inept and stupid are perfect for comedy shows, though. Let's put this asshole in a place where he can do some good for the nation by making us cry with tears of uproarious laughter, not sob as the Constitution is shredded, people on both sides die in Iraq, women are forced into coat hanger abortions, and Israel is destroyed by inappropriate support.

Perhaps I shall send one of my "Congratulations! You are an asshole" cards to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff, Rice, Barbara Bush (for her Hurricane Katrina outrageous comments), and the Bush twats, er - I mean twins.