>Endoscopy Eve should be a new holiday for anyone who is having an endoscopy. It just sounds catchy.

Anyway, I'll be having my endoscopy Thursday afternoon. My plan is to write something about nipples (no, that has nothing to do with the procedure, but I've been pondering them this week) in the morning. I assume that I'll be too doped up to write anything meaningful in the afternoon. I'm not sure what my excuse is, though, for every other day. Ba dum dum cha.

I'm rather looking forward to the anaesthesia. I have had wretched insomnia for the past week or so, and I could use a good rest. Last time I had an endoscopy (maybe 3 years ago), I woke up long enough to get home. Hibernation set in for the rest of the night. As Tweeder would say in a Texas twang in my favorite horrible movie, Varsity Blues, "Nice. Very nice."


Speaking of non sequitors, does anyone know how to force Technorati to actually update your ping when it claims it is doing just that but clearly is not, as it insists that you have not written anything for 18 days when you obviously have been bursting out with brilliant blog thoughts? If so, I would most like to learn your secrets/magic powers. Thanks.