>A truck whizzed by me up Amsterdam Ave. as I waited to cross the street and go to the gym. There is nothing odd about trucks driving up Amsterdam, as it happens many times in an hour with varous trucks making deliveries or returning from deliveries or what have you. What was different about this truck, though, is that it was a moving billboard advertising the new TV show Betty the Ugly. That as its only purpose. It had no other cargo or even room to carry anything, as the back was a very narrow but tall rectangle with huge posters on each side. The cab was a regular truck cab.

Gas in Manhattan is at least $3.00 per gallon, and not much cheaper in the boros or surrounding areas. Trucks use lots of gas and emit many fumes as they cruise around, hurting the environment. Now, does it make sense to use a truck to drive around a fucking billboard under these circumstances? No it does not. I am sure that there are just as productive ways to promote the show and not be so wasteful and destructive. Bah!

On the other hand, one might fairly accuse me of hypocrisy. Here I am at a highly air conditioned gym, about to use a treadmill or other cardio equipment requiring lots of electricity, when I could just go outside and exercise for free in the lovely weather. My consumption of energy also harms the environment. In my defense, however, I point out that the air is too polluted from all the trucks and seasonal allergens for me to run outside. It would not be good for my asthma.