>Here is something guaranteed to give a reasonable person nightmares: vaginoplasties/labiaplasties. According to Dr. 90210’s website, “Many women are embarrassed by the length of their inner vaginal lips.” Really? I know lots and lots of women, of all ages and cultures, and never once have I heard any of them say that their “inner vaginal lips” humiliated them.

My first question is why anyone would let this cocky bastard operate on any part of them, let alone their precious poonanie? However, it seems that some very impressionable idiots have been talked into believing that they have ugly vaginal areas that need to be fixed. The evidence is at the Photo Gallery on his website.

If you think my “cum on a cookie” (a.k.a. “ookie cookie”) post was disturbing, don’t click on the photo gallery link. I’m not kidding. Don’t go there unless you want to lose whatever remaining faith you have in humanity. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m very serious.