>Yesterday’s science section in The New York Times had me both fascinated and utterly repulsed. The big front page article was about the mating habits of the praying mantis, redback spiders, and other multi-legged critters whose mating rituals end in death for the male. Hmmm… if only humans were a bit more like bugs, this could become an important deterrent for rapists, I thought.

Sadly, humans are not like bugs in that way, and as I read extremely graphic descriptions of the female praying mantis eating the male while he was still getting his groove on, I felt a bit ill. The case of the redback spiders did not ease my growing unrest with insect fucking. It seems that redback male spiders have “two sexual organs” (I’m not sure if that equates to spider dicks or what) and female redback spiders have “two receptacles” (again, is that spider vaginas or what? Sperm receptacles are just two gross to consider). The male spider is required to place a “sperm plug” in each “receptacle” in order to guarantee that no other dude spider will fertilize the chick spider after she eats him.

This is about when I stopped reading the article. It seems that I am a huge prude when it comes to mating and eating one’s partner. Who would’ve thought that insect sex would be so graphically disturbing?