>Wow, I write a lot. This is because I have an ongoing narrative in my head at almost all times. I think it is why I dream often and vividly.

The only problem with my interior discussion is when I forget to keep it in my head and start talking to myself out loud. This happened for the first time when I was in grad school and ran to Kinko’s at 2 am to make copies of a group project that was due later that day. As I walked by the southwestern portion of Central Park, I noticed that there were a lot of mentally ill homeless out and about. “Wow, there are a lot of people out here talking to themselves,” I said as I walked. “And I am one of them. Hmmm…”

The other particularly notable time I chatted myself up in public was back in April when I went to the San Diego for work, and killed a lovely Sunday afternoon by going to the zoo alone. At various animal compounds, I managed to make several remarks to no one in particular about their inhabitants. “Damn, I’m talking aloud again!” I swore after oohing and aahing to myself about the vicious, but innocuous-looking koala bears. (An animal I identify very closely with, despite our vastly differing diets. I’m so not into eucalyptus leaves these days.) I believe at that point, a father moved his daughter further away from me.

So it goes.