>Husband and I slacked off our collective responsibilities this afternoon and spent some quality time together watching , , and hilarious action entertainment. That’s right: I’m talking about one of my favorite movies, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Man, I can’t get enough of that movie. Chinese people are all evil gangsters, Indians are all either thug cultists or innocent villagers living the simple life, Indy is a misogynist, and Willie is the type of woman who today would be running off to her favorite Eastern European waxer for a nice Brazilian to go with her manicure. But damn, it makes me laugh. From the infamous “Dr. Jones, no time for love!” (incorrectly quoted in Clerks as “No time for love Dr. Jones.”) to “Time to meet Kali – in hell!” to Willie singing “Anything Goes” in what I assume is either Cantonese or Mandarin to “The anecdote to the poison you just drank, Dr. Jones. Mwa ha ha ha!”, it is just full of great one-liners.

Incidentally, I am highly skeptical of the planned fourth Indy movie. Seriously, I really love that scoundrel as much as the next person, but Harrison Ford is so not cutting it for me any more. He has not gotten old; he’s become flat out gross, and I just don’t see anyone else stepping in to take over his extremely charming-and-yet-I-might punch-him-in-the-face-if-he-calls-me-doll-one-more-time role. The Harrison Ford of 20 years ago freakin’ is Indiana Jones. People probably felt the same way about Connery and Bond, but unlike Bond fans, I refuse to move on.