>Hurray! I am so excited! When I trudged home late from work (although the day was generally good, it was exhausting), I saw the box from stickerspot.com, and my tiredness evaporated. Thanks again to Tara Lynch for artfully and amusingly transforming my vague idea ("I want a cat and a beaver with their arms slung around each other, and the name of the blog, and the URL") into something so awesome! I regret to report that the colors are not quite as vibrant on the , but they are printed on heavy duty (ha! ha!) vinyl, so they will last for quite some time.

If you want some and already emailed me with your mailing info, I'll send you a bunch first thing tomorrow morning. (They are free - I'm just excited that people want to have CUSS stickers, but of course the design is so great, how can people resist?) If you want some and didn't send me your info, what the fuck are you waiting for? cussandotherrants@gmail.com