>While Friend was visiting, we were chatting about our long history together. (Our 20th anniversary of friendship is this fall!) She told me that had I continued on to confirmation class with her, I probably would have enjoyed it immensely, despite some of the obnoxious kids who also were in the class. The group took a trip to New York, and since most of the suburban parents were too nervous to let their kids come to the big bad City, it was a nice small group of people.

One of the places that the class visited was a in Brooklyn, which I currently suspect is the Museum of the Mikva and is something I have been meaning to see for myself, although her story makes me wonder if it is only open to Jewish groups. Anyway, while they were there, she learned that before a woman enters the ritual bath, she must comb through all of her pubic hair with a fine tooth comb to remove all the stragglers. I find this creepy.

Even creepier, a little old woman then inspects you to be sure that there really are no loose hairs. So if you plan to visit a mikva, this is really about the only time it makes sense to have a full snatch wax. At least it will last a long time and not much genital combing and prodding will ensue. On the other hand, you can just be offended by the concept of a mikva (which allows women to cleanse our unpure bodies after menstruating so as to not pollute our godly husbands) like I am, and avoid it like the plague it is.