>A few days ago, I received a message in my MySpace.com inbox from Crazy Larry, asking me where the promised pictures of hot bikinis were from my days in Ocean City. Unfortunately, I have no such pictures, but it did remind me that I forgot to finish sharing my photos from The Land that Time Forgot. The following pictures were taken on July 19, two days after Husband turned the big 30.

This time capsule that dispenses more time capsules is in the grocery store that was down the street from the house we rented. I loved it. The bird just cracked me up. Brother-in-Law’s (BiL) feet are visible in the bottom left corner. For a mere 75 cents, he was able to purchase three plastic eggs. In one egg was a tiny plastic dragon holding a skull (my favorite of the treasures); in the second egg was a tiny pink snake, the body of which was constructed from several interlocking pieces so it moved in a funky way when you held the tail (my second favorite); and the last egg had a gummy-ish plastic bug (lame). That’s a lot of plastic for 75 cents!!!

My friend Vee looked around the house when she arrived for her stay and wondered why it is that the people who decorate rented beach houses have a compulsive need to fill them with beach-themed décor. After she said that, I noticed how ridiculous some of the knick-knacks and “special touches” were. Such as this random wall hanging in one of the bedrooms. Seriously, who the fuck looks at a room and thinks, “Man, this room would be perfect if I just had a net with fake fish attached to it string up near the window!” I am pretty weird, and I have never thought anything like that.

I believe that I mentioned that one of the highlights of the trip was the food. There was non-stop eating at the house and on the boardwalk of all sorts of tempting morsels. BiL and Honore (my other brother-in-law) cooked up feasts every night. As seen below, they even found ways to fatten up the healthy vittles. Yes, that is a full stick of butter melting onto the pile of asparagus. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining; asparagus and corn (this method of tastying up veggies was subsequently adapting for corn as well) are mighty fine when drowning in fat. I’m just saying it is no longer healthy. After downing the butter asparagus and other delicious dinner foods, Husband, The Explorer, and I decided that a walk might be a wise idea to aid in our digestion. We were wandering around the bay side of the town when we came across an ice cream shop. A calypso version of “The Girl from Ipanema” was playing on its sound system outside, but what lured us in was the “Live Bait” dispenser on the side of the shop. Husband felt live bait might be a better dessert than ice cream, given that he was worried about packing on the pounds from this trip. Or, forget the sprinkles ("jimmies" in Shore lingo). Just top the ice cream off with some tiny worms, and you are set! Damn right. You eat some of those, and you may never gain weight until you kill all the parasites living in your intestines that cause you to have the bloodiest diarrhea this side of the Ganges. That would be quite the souvenir, wouldn’t it?