>Des and her partner Craig came over this afternoon for a challenging, and yet hilarious, game of with Husband and I. Husband made his world famous deep-dish pizza, and a jolly time was had by all. I am very glad that we were finally able to meet in person!

Husband gets credit for the zinger of the afternoon. A question was presented to Des about which science that is concerned with the universe. She correctly answered , but several jokes were cracked by all about the fine line between cosmology and . Husband said that the cross enables one to advertise that “I can make look beautiful.” Ha ha ha ha. That is still cracking me up.

Another good question: What sport has snatches and jerks? The answer is weight-lifting, but I suspected snooker, which is my favorite ridiculously named British variation of pool. Doesn’t it seem like snooker should have snatches and jerks?