>Holy shit! My “look” is “in” this fall! My friend in London spotted the following article (“Throw Your Away”) in the Aug. 17 issue of The New York Times:

“With a stronger, more graphic quality to the clothes like the fall collection from Balenciaga, you want strong eyebrows that make you look intelligent and empowered, and you want to keep the rest of the face clean,” Mr. Kaliardos said. For the fall advertising campaign for Chanel, for example, he strengthened the already well-endowed brows of Daria Werbowy, a Polish-born Canadian model, by shading them with an eyebrow pencil, but he left her other features almost unadorned, he said.

Forget that I am never, ever going to be wearing anything from , let alone this fall. (Yeesh, I can barely get over the prices at Nanette Lapore. On eBay…) Or that I was momentarily overexcited by the title and thought that female beards are in style. The good news is that it is now considered stylish for me to go about my business as I normally do, which is with out-of-control eyebrows and no make-up.

Lesson: If you stick to your style long enough, it will become fashionable at some point in time, and probably many. There’s no need to alter yourself in some permanent manner to fit in. I bet all those ladies who had their eyebrows lasered off are kicking themselves about now. Some day this will also come to pass for the snatch patch.