To: Last Comic Standing casting director
From: Suzanne
Re: Casting suggestion for next season

This gray morning I was reading the formerly venerable New York Times, which generally provides me with a nice side dish of rage for my cereal (as often due to their shitty reporting and lack of critical analysis these last few years as much as for the dismal news itself), but this morning was a source of comic gold. In Maureen Dowd’s column, she reports on President joke-y little visit to yesterday, one year after rained injustice on the city. Now, his bons mots were not all that funny - although they do offer up some good moments of “he-did-not just say that, did he? –but when he was approached by NBC news anchor , a truly funny exhange took place.

Williams asked Bush if he was asking his country to sacrifice enough. Bush replied, “Americans are sacrificing. We pay a lot of taxes.”

Hilarious, right? No one who was president and involved in a war, among other extremely costly disasters, and who cut taxes during this time when revenue is so badly needed, would seriously say that Americans are paying a lot in taxes. Bush is a fucking comedic genius. That shit is funny.

It would be cool if the American people would wake up and impeach this impish prankster, and then Last Comic Standing could scoop him up for your show. Watching him interact with the other comedians in the house will be gut-busting. Your ratings will be sky high. (Although beware a late season plummet, when people get pissed about any number of potential bombs that he drops.) The best part is that he already has the vote tampering down, but people will still call with their votes anyway. Like the electronic voting machines, there’s no paper trail, so the producers can cut Bush a sweet deal with a guaranteed victory!

Maybe you can change the title of the show when he wins to King George is the Last Comic Coronated. He’s the King of Farce, I tell you!