>This morning, I met a friend for a quick, albeit humid, stroll. (I barely rounded ¾ of a mile and the sweat is sogging up my undies. I hate that., although it would be worse without a snatch patch to absorb some of it.) As we walked, she told me that she had a dream with my blog in it.

Picture it: {dream waves commence.} my friend, an attractive woman in her 30s with lovely streaked straight hair, is pulling it out in chunks. She visits a doctor, who diagnoses her with trichotillomania. He tells her that there is no cure for this disorder, so she should pick at her pubic hair instead of her head hair. No one will see her pubic hair anyway…

She returns home and checks out the latest action at CUSS. Coincidentally, I wrote about women suffering from trichotillomania who pull all their pubic hair out, leaving them bald as a baby. I say that this is disgusting and will attract (create?) pedophiles, vaginal diseases, and other untold horrors. {Dream waves end.}

This post is so meta! On the other hand, I feel a little bit guilty. I would never ridicule someone with a disease that cause her to have no pubes. Sure, I am mean and critical and mocking of women who go out of their way to have hot wax poured on their cooches, purposely endanger their poonanies with sharp razor blades, or subject their snatches to scary lazer beams that can burn and scar, but a disease is a disease.

(Confession time: I actually went through a period when I was in junior high and pulled my hair out. They took me to a dermatologist because they didn’t know that that their freak daughter was pulling it out and I sure as hell was not going to admit it. He diagnosed alopecia, an extreme allergy of sorts that causes one to shed her hair, and stuck my head under some special hair regenerating light. Fortunately, I was so mortified when my parents noticed that I had a bald spot, that I pretty much quit cold turkey and my hair grew back as thick and bushy as it was before I picked it. In my eighth grade graduation picture, my hair is a huge triangle shape that bleeds out of the frame.)