>Not that I have not said this about 7,564 times in the last week, but people are fucking crazy! Have you seen some of the insane shit that people are saying about snatch over at Salon?!? There are over 330 comments regarding the etiquette of asking your girlfriend to shave her crotch. (Of course, I added my two cents and encouraged people to join the Campaign. As far as I can tell, my offer has gone unaccepted! The nerve...) For example, here is this brilliant insight from “Married Guy:”

I believe it's about personal choice. So if you want to have a hairy vagina - go ahead - but ask yourself why you don't have a hairy face too.

Why don’t I have a hairy face? (Actually, I kind of do, but that is beside the point.) Um, because it is not typical for grown women to have huge bushy beards and it is typical human development for grown women to have “hairy vaginas?” Where did this guy learn biology?

Oh, help me:

You wouldn't dump a guy who asks you to put your hair up instead of wearing it down. Why dump men who prefer a closely groomed pubic region over a haphazard, wild bush?

I love how this anonymous guy equates putting my hair up in a pony tail with having hot wax poured on my crotch or scraping a razor blade over a sensitive area. And I actually might dump a man who kept telling me how to wear the hair on my head. If he doesn't like my style, he should find someone else who fits his ideals a bit better. (Fortunately for me, Husband seems to find my dowdiness endearing.)

From Player:

Asking a woman to shave can be a very mild dominance game. The last time I played that game was a number of years ago -- long before it became a fad…Each of the times I tried it, I found that the woman became incredibly aroused and preoccupied with sex for weeks. (You have to be careful what you wish for).

Thank goodness its just about domination, not about making women resemble 9 year olds or accusing them of being dirty and smelly. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that S&M is bad, but this just sounds creepy and fucked up.

Here is an equal opportunity shaver:

My answer to Cary is to get rid of it all! It's gross! I'm a guy and I shave ALL the hair off! It's effin' gross and unsanitary. I've shaved and had lazer done on my bush/now not a bush and have no regrets. Cleaner and more erotic, to be honest. For sure I prefer bush-less women! (not to get political-but pun intended!). In Portland here the big fashion craze is shaving it ALL OFF both guys and gals. The alternative newsweekly here Willamette Week even did a cover story on it awhile back, naming all the hip places to be de-pubed.

I respect Slamboni for putting his money where his mouth is, so to speak, and also for his anti-Bush joke. Yet I cannot understand where people get the idea that pubes are unsanitary. It is quite the opposite. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times: pubes are like eyelashes for the genitals, keeping the bad things out.

Also, should you really toy with Mother Nature just cause it is “the big fashion craze?” I’m only 30, but I’ve seen many fads come and go. Permanently removing pubic hair with lasers seems like a very draconian solution. What will Slamboni and the others do if big bush (not big Bush) comes back in style? They’ll be left behind, naked and cold.

So sad, but to end it on a high note, I’ll quote thekiti: “…if you're that concerned about Big Bad Germs, don't ever kiss anyone. The mouth is filthier than the genitalia, by far.” You tell it to ‘em!