>I hate that (EC) is only approved now for over-the-counter use, ages after scientists and doctors deemed it safe. Of course, this is purely for political gain, which I find infuriating.

The battle is NOT over. Just because it is approved and legal to sell over the counter, will all women who need have access to it? A large number of women will not. Young women under the age of 18 are not going to be allowed to buy it without a prescription, and that’s even assuming that all drug stores and pharmacies stock it. It is sadly not uncommon for supposed life-loving pharmacies to refuse to dispense this vital resource. Several states recently had to pass laws requiring pharmacies to meet their obligations to give women their prescribed medication, for fuck’s sake.

The law doesn't force pharmacies to stock EC, so many women will have no more access to EC than they did before politicians found it expedient to make it available to women who vote.