>My friend Sara was published in the "Metropolitan Diary" section of the New York Times today. For those of you unfamiliar with this feature, people send in amusing stories about life in New York. Here is Sara's opus:

Dear Diary:

While riding a crowded D train back to the Upper West Side after a recent Mets-Yankees game, I noticed a man sitting and intently reading a guidebook. He was oblivious to the conversations around him and just sat tracing the maps with his finger.

A young man, taking pity on the tourist, asked him if he needed directions to someplace in particular.

The “tourist” shook his head and replied: “This is a guidebook for Toronto. I am from the Upper West Side.”

Upon hearing this, the young man shook his head sadly and remarked, “Yeah, I get confused in neighborhoods below 14th Street, too.”

Congrats, Sara! Nicely done!