>In today's Washington Post, there is a little article about blogging with a quote from yours truly:

They work by day as administrators and blog by night as outspoken individuals.

Most never dream their blogs could become their worst work nightmare, as employers increasingly create policies on personal blogs or fire bloggers for offensive comments.

Nearly 10 percent of the firms in a new American Management Association survey has a personal-blogging policy. Seven percent cover what workers can say online, and 5 percent ban blogging on company time. Two percent have fired a blogger for postings, and 26 percent have let workers go over inappropriate e-mail.

None of this worries Suzanne Reisman, who discusses gender issues on her blog and works as a senior program officer for the nonprofit Low Income Investment Fund in Manhattan. "In my mind, there's a separation between my private life and my work life," Reisman said.

"I don't say anything negative . . . or positive about my organization," she said. She wonders how blogging will affect career prospects but says, "I've got to take some risks and throw some caution to the winds."

Tomorrow: Balancing blog and job.

-- Vickie Elmer

Cool, huh?