>Reader’s choice voting was supposed to start today for the memoir contest at The Memoirists Collective. Unfortunately, some people either did not hear about the contest in a timely fashion, or they are morons who cannot prepare things on a deadline. (Something the publishers might want to consider, no?)

I know that the Collective’s goal is to foster relationships between writers and that I am not writing this in the spirit of supporting others, but I really hate people who can’t get shit done in time. It’s called being prepared, people! Get with the fucking picture! This always browned me off in college in particular. Professors always hand out syllables at the beginning of the semester telling people at what point papers are due. Hence, I would prepare the paper and be ready to hand it in as required. And yet there were inevitably several students who whine and bitch and moan about not having enough time to do the paper (as if I didn’t have other shit to do, too) and then the lame ass professors would grant people an extension instead of failing them as they deserved.

I hate people because they tend to disappoint so frequently.