>Before I run off to BlogHer, here are some pictures from my jaunt to Ocean City:
This cat seems to have come with the house that Husband rented. He was always hanging around the porch and side yard. Unfortunately, he was also sickly. The first night we were there, he had this disturbing blood shot eye. I joked that he was actually a witch in the form of her familiar (or Animagus to Harry Potter fans), and that he was looking to steal our souls. By Friday, when I had a giant red eye myself, I did not find that joke funny any longer. The cat was also not doing well. What if it really was a witch trying to switch bodies with me so that it could escape death? Then I’d be screwed, trapped inside a dying cat body. Husband would have a cat-witch wife. That would suck.
Monday night to celebrate Husband’s birthday we went to play mini golf at Steph’s second favorite mini golf course, which is now her first favorite as her prior first favorite was razed. It was a great course with lots of moving parts. However, as you can see from this soldier who looks as though syphilis rotted his nose off, they could do some touch ups. Incidentally, I performed the worst of the group with a score of 66. Husband scored the second best, but was defeated by 2 strokes by Hat Friend’s (see below) Husband. No matter the rankings, a good time was had by all!
On Tuesday, a group of us trooped over to the nearby town of Margate to see Lucy, the World’s Largest Elephant. I like this picture because it gives a good overview of Lucy’s size and also nicely shows off my friend’s rockin’ sombrero-style hat, yet is far enough to protect her identity. I passed this by one day while I was walking back from the internet café (I think), and could not resist taking a picture. Seriously, if you were Cora Siegfried, would you not be pissed at having the crappiest memorial in the whole world? I sure as fuck would. Yeah, thanks for the concrete triangle painted black with stencil lettering. You shouldn’t have. Really, you shouldn’t have. I’d probably rather not have a memorial at all.

On that note, I’m off to BlogHer, where of course, there will be plenty o’ blogging.