>What a day Husband’s birthday was! Early in the afternoon, we drove over to the neighboring town of Margate to see Lucy, the World’s Largest Elephant. Lucy is a six-story elephant-shaped building constructed in 1881 by a real estate developer from Atlantic City to lure people to his new planned community. At one point a British family even set up home in Lucy. (Their bathtub is on display today.) Lucy’s 125th birthday celebration will be on Thursday, so we are going back to partake in the festivities, which include special $5 “Stayin’ Alive at 125” t-shirts and free birthday cake.

Later when it cooled down a bit, we hit the beach en masse. I really hater sand, so I originally did not plan to go at all, but I gave into popular sentiment. I am so glad I did. Sister, Honoré, and I laughed and laughed and laughed as we jumped waves with Husband and recited choice racist lines from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. (Example: When the evil priest rips out the guy’s still beating heart and says, “Mumshibai!”, or something like that repeatedly.) Crap, I had not had such gut-busting laughs in a long while. Oh, it hurt so good.

Even later, after singing to Husband and while eating the cake and melon basket prepared by Honoré, Steph amused the group with stories about her car, which her parents purchased for her two months before her 16th birthday. Needless to say, it is not in good shape these days. Last week, as she was doing laundry and watching TV at her office late one night, she decided to go home and pick up a different movie. As she tootled along the road, she was pulled over by a cop for driving with only one headlight. Although it had been burnt out for three weeks, she claimed that she had only noticed it that evening when it was too late to take it in for repairs. The po-po responded that it had in fact been out for several weeks. Just as Steph was getting nervous that he had been stalking her or something, he said that other cops had run her plates several times. He wanted to know where she was coming from at that wee hour, and she told us that she felt like telling him it was none of his fucking business, but figured that he would no longer let her off with just a warning, so she wisely kept her trap shut.

Talking about her car reminded me of the time I visited her in North Carolina, and when we pulled into the Caribou Coffee from which she obtains her daily coffee beverage fix, I could not open the door. “How the hell do I get out of this death trap?” I asked. We then sat in the car laughing hysterically while the people in Caribou stared at us through the plate glass store window. Last night, we cracked up just as hard.

Fun times, good laughs. Today we are scheduled to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Steph is taking off later that day (so sad!!!), so I’ll follow her around as she shops and then do whatever comes my way.