>One of the benefits of the house Husband rented in Ocean City is that the kitchen has a dishwasher. Most people probably find the presence of a dishwasher unremarkable, even expected, but I have never lived anywhere with one. Thus one of the lessons I learned on my trip is how to use a dishwasher.

I assumed that the point of a dishwasher was to wash the dishes so that I would not need to do so. I was wrong. It seems that you cannot merely put dirty dishes inside the belly of the beast and expect them to be clean when the cycle is finished. Sister kept telling me this, explaining that unless you rinse the crumbs and other stuck bits of food off dishes first, they will not be clean. This did not make sense to me, so I ignored her. Of course, since I am an uninformed dishwasher novice, the dishes were not fully clean at the end of the cycle, so I began following her advice and cleaning things myself before I put them in the machine to be washed. Yet I noticed that by the time I rinsed everything off, had I merely added some soap while rinsing, the dish would be clean and have no need for the dishwasher.

I do not understand the point of dishwashers.

I was also reminded that when wearing button-fly jeans, one cannot wait until the last minute to go to the bathroom. It was like I was five again. I had too much fun and didn’t want to be away from the merriment for even a minute, so I sat around until there was no other option. Then I realized that it takes another precious few seconds to open all those damn buttons. Fortunately, I did not explode on myself, but now I will keep in mind the extra time it takes to get ready when wearing button-fly jeans, one of the few instances of clothes that provide challenges for both men and women.