>Upon further reflection, one thing said during the Great Crotch Debate of May 2006 strikes me as the opposite of what I would expect in real life: the charge that women with bush have smelly snatch. When I cut my hair short, I noticed that I actually am more sweaty and disgusting when I work out than when I had longer hair. I decided (and other women with short hair, like Count Mockula, have backed me up on this) that my hair used to absorb a lot of my sweat, thus leaving me drier. In those terms, women with more head hair probably smell more because they have nasty hair versus those of us whose sweat is freer to evaporate. Or something.

This hair as an odor absorber theory logically also applies to poon. I mentioned it to a trusted colleague who regularly undergoes the torture of Brazilian waxes. She said that she personally believed that waxing makes cootie aroma stronger for exactly that reason: the hair did not absorb the smells. My source even swore that right after she got waxed, she could smell herself through her clothes, and she even showers twice a day. Let me say right now that I do not shower more than once a day (or every other day if I don’t hit the gym) and I pretty much have never been able to sniff the scents of my own crotch through my clothes.

As I have insisted again and again, the beaver’s fur serves a purpose. There’s nothing like an unbiased case study to demonstrate the benefits of unshaved snatch!