>This is like the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. It is taking all my willpower not to squeal and jump up and down. I am at a session about sex blogging at the BlogHer conference, and one of the panelists is none other than Susie Bright!!! Back in my fresh salad days (as opposed to my current wilting salad days), when I wrote my crappy sex column for NYU’s even crappier college newspaper, Susie Bright became one of my idols. Unlike me, she wrote about everything and anything, without shame and without judgment. I read her stuff and quoted it a lot. This is just super cool. People are enraptured.

Wow. She just used the word cunt. My granny will be so proud! Yay! She gave props to women who write about abortion!

Another panelist, Logan Levkoff, who is a sexologist and does amazing sex ed work with young people online, just said that someone called her a cunt on her blog because she said that “abstinence only works when it is used 100% of the time.” (I’m psyched to hang out with her when I get back to NYC.) Damn, that is a great quote. And damn, other people are stupid fucks!

(Sorry that this was not posted in real time, but I could not get a fucking internet connection all day!!!)