>At one of Steph’s jobs that have nothing to do with the master’s degree she is working on, one of her co-workers went out for a mini cupcake run. When she returned, she brought back lots of mini cupcakes and a copy of new weight loss book. “Is it wrong that I bought cupcakes to eat while reading this?” she asked Steph rhetorically.

Not long later, she insisted that Steph read a line in the book. It said something along the lines of “you have to get real about fat or stay real fat.” She and her co-worker had a hearty laugh over that and ate another mini cupcake. Steph commented through her mouthful, “Yeah, right on, you self-righteous bald headed prick.” (He’s not balding; he’s beyond balding, she told me later.)

Man, I wish I could have been there to witness that. I wonder if cupcake crumbs sprayed all over the book...