>These two days at '06 have whizzed by me. It was great to be a part of it, and I am looking forward to next year already. Here's my quick take on this year:

Great Things

  • I met lots of cool women whose blogs I read, like Suebob of Red Stapler, Minnie, and Badger Mama.
  • I met lots of cool women whose blogs I am going to start reading ASAP, like Lizard Kingdom (also blogging at a new blog, Heroine Content about female action stars).
  • Met some famous sexperts, like Susie Bright, and up-and-coming sexperts, like Logan Levkoff.
    Less-than-Great Things
  • I met Minnie, but I didn't see her beyond our initial "hey, I love your blog!" intro. I want more time to talk to her because she often writes things that I so relate to.
  • I missed meeting Queen of Spain. Pooh! I was looking forward to meeting her.
  • I forgot the blog address of a super awesome woman that I met earlier this evening. I knew I should have written it down, but I had no pen or paper. I should have asked to borrow... (The title was something like "Missed Ghosts" and it sounded great.) I stink.
  • The hotel had shitty wifi. I was not able to blog so much from there. Motherfuckers!
  • All in all, I learned a lot, met some rockin beeyotches, and have some future tasks cut out for me. No shaved snatch required.