>Lucky Brand jeans tend to fit curvy women like myself in a very flattering manner. As Steph noted some time ago, the jeans have a front panel practically made of Kevlar, and the lower gut jut is more or less eliminated as a result. However, I find their prices totally unreasonable (I think their cheapest pairs are $76! Gut jut reduction comes at a price.) Fortunately, the Lucky Brand store is currently having their biannual 50% off sale, plus an additional 25% off the sale price. Since there were potential bargains to be had, I decided to poke my head in the store on Saturday morning and see what deals I might unroot.

I tried on a couple of pairs of jeans. One was way too tight, resulting in the dreaded “stomach butt.” “Stomach butt” is my term for the unfortunate reaction that my body has to jeans that are too tight. Basically, as the jeans smoosh my gut together, a “crack” appears as the result of the two folds of fat meeting in the front. It looks like a butt. Charming, isn’t it? Sorry, no pictures available….